The primary purpose of Lantana Recovery is to provide comprehensive therapeutic and medical outpatient services to men and women in recovery from addiction and mental health disorders. Our treatment programs offer every client a diverse collection of effective evidence-based treatment modalities including various holistic and experiential therapies. Lantana Recovery’s ultimate goal is to empower every client in developing the tools they need to overcome life’s challenges.

Lantana Recovery, created by a group of individual in long-term recovery from addiction, was birthed out of a desire to offer South Carolinians an alternative to traditional and tired models of addiction treatment. We believe there is no “one-size-fits-all” model to treatment and that treatment does not always have to take place in a group room. Our programs introduce clients to treatment experiences designed to introduce new concepts and address the mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, educational and vocational needs of each client.

Lantana Recovery’s headquarters is located at 65 Gadsden St, Charleston, SC 29401. Our core addiction rehab services take place in Charleston.

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The Lantana model creates a space where individuals can achieve personal and professional growth, self-discovery, confidence, self-reliance, resiliency, independence and successful long-term recovery.

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We’re here to help you or your loved one on their path to sobriety

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We’re here to help you or your loved one on their path to sobriety

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Charleston South Carolina

Charleston South Carolina

Located on the historic peninsula of Charleston, South Carolina, Lantana Recovery takes a modern approach to Substance Use Disorder treatment, offering intensive clinical care while also immersing our clients in local Charleston culture.