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Lantana Recovery (“We or Us”) is a specialized drug treatment and mental health program for adults. This Privacy Policy is a statement describing our practices involving personal information collected from advertisers, partners, or users or otherwise using our Website.

If you have any questions or concerns about this policy or our information practices, please contact us at .

We may change the terms of this Policy from time to time, in which case, we will update the last updated date on the bottom of this page to reflect the date of the latest modifications. We recommend that you read this policy periodically to keep informed about our data collection, use, and disclosure practices. We will not, without your consent, use information previously collected from you in a manner inconsistent with the terms of the policy in place when it was collected.


We collect Personally Identifiable Information (“PII”) from the Website when you choose to provide it to us. PII is any information that can be used to identify or locate a particular person or entity. This includes, but is not limited to: name, address, telephone number, mobile number, or email address. For example, you may choose to send us PII about yourself in an email or by completing an online form on this Website. We use this information only to contact you to respond to your inquiry. Once collected, we will store your PII for a reasonable time for record keeping purposes. The information that we store is usually deleted as space requires or in the normal course of business.


We collect Non-Personally Identifiable Information (“Non-PII”) from visitors to this Website. Non-PII is information that cannot by itself be used to identify a particular person or entity, and may include your IP host address, pages viewed, browser type, Internet browsing and usage habits, advertisements that you click on, Internet Service Provider, domain name, the time/date of your visit to this Website, the referring URL and your computer’s operating system. We use this information to understand our Website traffic and for maintenance of the Website.


We use browser information to help us design our site so the greatest number of people can view the pages correctly.

For every visitor, we collect and temporarily store the following information:

  • Your computer’s Internet Protocol (IP) address, a number automatically assigned to your computer when you go on the Web.
  • The domain from which you access the Internet, such as, if you use an America Online account to access the internet.
  • The website address from which you came to our site, such as if you came by clicking a link on the Lantana Recovery’s Facebook profile.
  • The date and time you arrived at our site and how long you spent there.
  • The name and version of your computer’s operating system and browser, for example Windows 2008/Mozilla Firefox 5.
  • The pages you visited.

We use this information to improve our website and provide a better experience for our visitors. We use tools, Google Analytics, to aggregate this information. The information is available only to our Web managers and staff who require this information to perform their duties. It is retained only for as long as needed for analysis purposes.

Web Measurement and Customization

We use cookies to improve website functions for visitors and to better understand how the public is using our website.
“Session Cookies”
Some services on our website use “session cookies.” These are:

  • Small bits of text temporarily stored in your computer.
  • Used to aid searching and navigating the site.
  • Deleted when you close your browser.

Data collected through our session cookies will be retained only for as long as needed to use for the measurement purposes.
“Persistent Cookies”
Some services on our website use multi-session cookies, also known as “persistent cookies.” Persistent cookies are:

  • Small bits of text temporarily stored in your computer.
  • Placed on your computer for more than a single session
  • Used to differentiate between new and returning site visitors, to customize our website for frequent visitors, and target advertising content on the Google Display

Network to certain segments of frequent visitors.

Persistent cookies placed on your computer will expire 60 days after your last visit to our website. Our use of persistent cookies does not capture any Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

Use and Sharing of Cookie Data

We do not use session cookies or persistent cookies to collect PII and we do not share any data collected from cookies.


Lantana Recovery has implemented and uses Display Advertising across third party websites and applications opted into the Google Content Network. Certain Lantana Recovery advertisements on third party websites and applications in the Google Content Network may be retargeted using Google Analytics. Retargeting means that third-party vendors, including Google, use first-party cookies (such as the Google Analytics cookie) and third-party cookies (such as the DoubleClick cookie) together to inform, optimize, and serve ads based on a user’s past visits to our website.


  • If you would like to be removed or blocked from Google Analytics For Display Network or from retargeting efforts there are several options:
  • Users can customize ad settings by using the Ads Preferences Manager.
  • Users can apply the Google Analytics opt-out browser add on located at “place holder”.
  • If you would like to opt out of a specific cookie, please visit the Network Advertising Initiative’s opt out page “place holder”.

The confidentiality of alcohol and drug abuse client records as well as all personal health information (PHI) maintained by Lantana Recovery is protected by Federal LawsandRegulations[1]. Generally, the program may not say to a person outside the program that a person attends the program, or disclose any information identifying a client as an alcohol or drug user unless:

  1. The client consents in writing;
  2. The disclosure is allowed by a court order; or
  3. The disclosure is made to medical personnel in a medical emergency or to qualified personnel for research, audit or program evaluation.

Violations of the Federal Law and Regulations by a program is a crime. Suspected violations may be reported to appropriate authorities in accordance with Federal Regulations.

Federal Laws and Regulations do not protect any information about a crime committed by a client either at the program or against any person who works for the program or about any threat to commit such a crime.

Federal Laws and Regulations do not protect any information about suspected child abuse or neglect from being reported under State Law to appropriate State or Local authorities.

Lantana Recovery is required to communicate to each client that Federal Laws and Regulations protect the confidentiality of alcohol and drug abuse records. A summary of the law and regulations must be given to each client. A comprehensive description of the laws and regulations is available at the facility, and a professional staff member will review them with any client upon request.

[1] Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), 45 CFR, parts 160 and 164; Confidentiality of Drug and Alcohol Patient Records, 42 CFR, part 2.

General Information

Information regarding your health care, including payment for health care, is protected by two federal laws: the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (“HIPAA”), 42 U.S.C. Sec. 1320d et seq., 45 C.F.R. Parts 160 and 164, and the Confidentiality Law, 42 U.S.C. Sec. 290 dd-2, 42 C.F.R. Part 2. Under these laws, Lantana Recovery may not say to a person outside Lantana Recovery that you attend the program, nor may Lantana Recovery disclose any information identifying you as an alcohol or drug abuser, or disclose any other protected information except as permitted by federal law.


Lantana Recovery must obtain your written consent before it can disclose information about you for payment purposes. For example, Lantana Recovery may obtain your written consent before it can disclose information to your health insurer in order to be paid for services. Generally, you must also sign a written consent before Lantana Recovery can share information for treatment purposes or for your health care operations. However, federal law permits Lantana Recovery to disclose information without your written consent:


Pursuant to an agreement with a qualified service organization/business associate;

To report a crime committed on Lantana Recovery premises or against Lantana Recovery’s personnel;

To medical personnel in a medical emergency;

To appropriate authorities to report suspected child abuse or neglect;

As allowed by court order.

Before Lantana Recovery can use or disclose any information about your health in a manner which is not described above, it must first obtain your specific written consent allowing it to make the disclosure. Any such written consent may be revoked by you in writing.


Your Rights

Under HIPAA you have the right to request restrictions on certain uses and disclosures of your health information. Lantana Recovery is not required to agree to any restrictions you request, but if it does agree then it is bound by that agreement and may not use or disclose any information which you have restricted except as necessary in a medical emergency.

Under HIPAA you have the right to inspect and copy your own health information obtained by Lantana Recovery except to the extent that the information contains psychotherapy notes or information compiled for use in a civil, criminal, administrative proceeding or in other limited circumstances.


Under HIPAA you also have the right, with some exceptions, to amend health care information maintained in Lantana Recovery’s records, and to request and receive and accounting of disclosures of your health related information made by Lantana Recovery during the six years prior to your request. You also have the right to receive a paper copy of this notice.


Lantana Recovery Duties

Lantana Recovery is required by law to maintain the privacy of your health information and to provide you with notice of its legal duties and privacy practices with respect to your health information. Lantana Recovery is required by law to abide by the terms of this notice. Lantana Recovery reserves the right to change the terms of this notice and to make new notice provisions effective for all protected information it maintains. All requests should be made in writing to the contact listed as the bottom of this notice.


Complaints and Reporting Violations

You may complain to Lantana Recovery and the Secretary of the United States Department of Health and Human Services if you believe that your privacy rights have been violated under HIPAA. You may complain to us in writing using the information listed in this form. At your request we will also provide you with the address of the US Department of Health and Human Services. We support your right to the privacy of your health information. You will not be retaliated against for filing such a complaint.


Violation of the Confidentiality Law by a program is a crime. Suspected violations of the Confidentiality Law may be reported to the United States Attorney in the district where the violation occurred.



For further information, contact:

Alan Goodstat, LCSW

Lantana Recovery Compliance Officer

65 Gadsden Road,

Charleston, SC 29401

O: 954.415.0758

F:  561.431.5786


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