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What is Lantana Recovery?

Lantana Recovery is an alcohol and drug rehab offering ethical and comprehensive treatment to individuals suffering from addiction. 

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What makes Lantana Recovery special?

Alcohol & Drug Rehab in Charleston

Charleston, South Carolina is a historic city located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. It is known for its charming architecture, rich cultural heritage, and vibrant tourist industry. Despite its picturesque surroundings, Charleston also faces challenges with substance abuse, which is a growing concern for its residents.

Importance of addressing substance abuse in Charleston drug and alcohol abuse can have devastating effects on individuals, families, and communities. It can lead to lost productivity, increased healthcare costs, and higher rates of crime and homelessness. By addressing substance abuse in Charleston, it is possible to reduce these negative impacts and create a safer and healthier community.

At Lantana Recovery, our purpose is to serve Charleston clients with excellent comprehensive addiction rehab services for alcohol and drug abuse disorders.  We prioritize a multi-faceted treatment that includes psychiatric care and medication management at our Charleston rehab. Our drug and alcohol rehab in Charleston, South Carolina aims to help individuals and families affected by substance abuse by providing information about available resources, benefits of seeking treatment, and the challenges faced when seeking help. We also strive to provide guidance and support for those looking to overcome addiction and reclaim their lives. Call us if you need help or would like more information: (843) 281-7964

Our compassionate, on-site mental health professionals are skilled in identifying and treating the co-occurrence of addiction and mental health in an outpatient setting. This includes assistance with medications, including helping clients choose the best prescriptions and calculating the right doses to assist them with recovery. After clients progress through our program, they’re often able to decrease medication use and continue their recovery using learned healthy coping skills.


Lantana Recovery Charleston rehabs

Available Drug and Alcohol Rehab Services in Charleston

There are a variety of drug and alcohol rehabs and types of services available in Charleston, South Carolina, including inpatient, outpatient, and partial hospitalization programs. Lantana Recovery offers the following addiction rehab services:

Services Offered By Lantana Recovery

  1. Outpatient Service (OP)
  2. Intensive Outpatient Service (IOP)
  3. Partial Hospitalization Program
  4. Psychiatry and Medication Management
  5. Ambulatory Detox
  6. Outpatient Rehab
  7. Intensive Outpatient Rehab
  8. PHP Addiction Treatment

Overview of Top Rehabilitation Center in Charleston

The primary purpose of Lantana Recovery is to provide comprehensive therapeutic and medical outpatient services to men and women in recovery from Substance Use and Mental Health Disorders. Our treatment programs offer every client a diverse collection of effective evidence-based treatment modalities including various holistic and experiential therapies which incorporate behaviorism elements, beyond a normal twelve-step program. Lantana Recovery’s ultimate goal is to empower every client in developing the tools they need to overcome life’s challenges.

Lantana Recovery, created by a group of individuals in long-term recovery from substance use disorders, was birthed out of a desire to offer South Carolinians an alternative to traditional and tired outdated facility management models of addiction treatment. We believe there is no “one-size-fits-all” model to treatment and that treatment does not always have to take place in a group room. Our programs introduce clients to treatment experiences designed to introduce new concepts and address the mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, educational and vocational needs of each client.


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Personalized Addiction Treatment Programs

Lantana Recovery provides many treatments for addiction according to your personal needs and behavior. For example, our Medication Management programs and Medication-Assisted Treatments (such as suboxone treatment) help us monitor your medication through your transition period to help ease possible symptoms of withdrawal.

We also run a Family Program which helps your family understand your addiction and the support options recommended to help you through. As both an drug rehab center and an alcohol rehab center in Charleston, we can accommodate your treatment to your own schedule, fitting it around commitments to work, family, and other responsibilities.

Types of Drug Addiction We Treat

Lantana Recovery has the ability to help patients that are struggling from many different drugs addiction including the following list of drugs: Ayahuasca, Cannabis (Marijuana/Pot/Weed), Central Nervous System Depressants (Benzos), Cocaine (Coke/Crack), GHB, Hallucinogens, Heroin, Inhalants, Ketamine Khat, Kratom, LSD (Acid), MDMA (Ecstasy/Molly),  Mescaline (Peyote), Methamphetamine (Crystal/Meth), Over-the-Counter Medicines—Dextromethorphan (DXM),  Over-the-Counter Medicines—Loperamide,  PCP (Angel Dust),  Prescription Opioids (Oxy/Percs), Prescription Stimulants (Speed), Psilocybin (Magic Mushrooms/Shrooms), Rohypnol® (Flunitrazepam/Roofies), Salvia, Steroids (Anabolic), Synthetic Cannabinoids (K2/Spice), Synthetic Cathinones (Bath Salts/Flakka), Tobacco/Nicotine and Vaping.

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Comparison of inpatient vs outpatient rehab

Inpatient rehab offers a higher level of care and support, but requires a commitment to a full-time program. Outpatient rehab is more flexible and allows individuals to continue with their daily routines, but may not provide the same level of support and structure as inpatient rehab. The right choice depends on individual circumstances and the severity of the addiction.

Cost of Rehab in Charleston

The rehab cost at Lantana Recovery is covered by most major insurances. And typical out of pocket costs range from $25-$75 per day. However, the cost of rehab in Charleston, South Carolina can vary widely depending on the type of program and the length of stay. Some insurance plans may cover a portion of the cost, and many rehab centers offer financing options and sliding scale fees based on income. It is important to consider the cost of rehab when making a decision, but it should not be the only factor considered. The cost of not seeking treatment can be far greater in the long term.

Overview of Substance Abuse in Charleston, SC

According to recent studies, substance abuse is a growing concern in Charleston, South Carolina. The city has seen an increase in opioid-related deaths and alcohol-related hospitalizations in recent years. In addition, the city has also reported high rates of cocaine and methamphetamine use.

Factors contributing to substance abuse in the city

There are several factors that contribute to the high rates of substance abuse in Charleston, including poverty, unemployment, and high levels of stress amongst other important factors. The city’s proximity to major drug trafficking routes also plays a role in the availability of illicit drugs. Furthermore, social and cultural norms that normalize substance use can also contribute to the problem.

Impact of substance abuse on the Charleston community

Substance abuse has a far-reaching impact on the community in Charleston. It affects not only those struggling with addiction, but also their families, friends, and communities. Substance abuse can lead to crime, homelessness, and decreased productivity, putting a strain on local resources and services. Additionally, it can also have a negative impact on the overall health and wellbeing of the community. These are some of the major reasons why we opened Lantana Recovery. We believe hope blossoms here. It’s our goal to help struggling men and women struggling with addiction regain control of their life.


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The Case for Drug Rehabs Centers in Charleston

Millions of Americans suffer from the negative consequences of alcohol and drug abuse. There is a strong need for the top rehabs in Charleston to address this need. According to the 2019 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 139.7 million Americans aged 12 or older used alcohol in the past month, with 65.8 million people engaging in binge drinking and 16 million classified as heavy drinkers.

  • The 2019 National Survey on Drug Use and Health found that approximately 14.5 million people aged 12 or older had an alcohol use disorder.
  • Consuming alcohol to excess can lead to an increased risk of serious health conditions, such as stroke, liver cirrhosis, alcoholic hepatitis, and cancer.
  • Excessive alcohol consumption can also cause individuals to engage in risky behaviors, such as driving while under the influence. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 29 people in the United States die in motor vehicle accidents involving an alcohol-impaired driver every day.

Signs of Alcohol and Drug Substance Use Disorder

There are many signs and symptoms that may indicate a person is struggling with an alcohol or drug substance use disorder. Some common symptoms include:

  • Using alcohol or drugs more frequently or in larger amounts than intended
  • Having a strong desire or craving to use alcohol or drugs
  • Failing to meet work, school, or family obligations due to substance use
  • Continuing to use alcohol or drugs despite negative consequences, such as relationship problems or financial difficulties
  • Giving up important activities or hobbies in favor of substance use
  • Using alcohol or drugs in hazardous situations, such as while driving
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when not using the substance, such as tremors or nausea
  • Developing a tolerance, which may require using larger amounts of the substance to achieve the desired effect

It’s crucial to remember that each person’s experience with substance use disorders is unique, and that each person may experience different specific symptoms. It’s important to seek professional assistance if you think you or a loved one may be dealing with a substance use issue. Lantana Recovery of Charleston is here to help! Call us for more information: (843) 281-7964

Benefits of seeking addiction treatment in Charleston

The Charleston SC rehab experience is unlike anywhere else in the country. Besides the natural beauty, charming architecture and rich history of this waterfront city, there is access to first rate addiction health care professions, support groups and aftercare programs, and availability of holistic and alternative therapies, and safe sober livings.

Lantana Recovery Charleston rehab

Expertise of healthcare professionals at Lantana Recovery

Charleston, South Carolina is home to a number of highly skilled and experienced healthcare professionals who specialize in treating substance abuse. Not to mention that Lantana Recovery is directly across from the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC). Our addiction specialist and clinical staff use evidence-based approaches to help individuals overcome addiction and develop the skills and support they need to maintain recovery.

Access to support groups and aftercare programs surrounding Charleston

In addition to medical and behavioral treatments, individuals who seek treatment in Charleston also have access to a range of support groups and aftercare programs. These resources help individuals stay on track and continue their recovery journey even after they complete a rehab program.

Availability of holistic and alternative therapies

The team at Lantana Recovery can help clients get connected with additional wellness options in Charleston such as access to holistic and alternative therapies, such as yoga, meditation, and acupuncture, to support the recovery process. These therapies can help individuals address physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of addiction and promote overall wellbeing.

Access to Safe Sober Livings in Charleston

Getting great drug rehab service in Charleston is one thing, but having a safe and positive environment to live is perhaps equally important on the road to recovery. Lantana Recovery offers living accommodations for those clients who may not live locally or need a place to reside while they are attending rehab in Charleston. Call us to find out more information: (843) 281-7964


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Challenges faced when seeking drug rehab in Charleston

Unfortunately getting sober is rarely easy. Seeking out the best rehab in Charleston (or in any city) will typically be full of obstacles. Some of the challenges faced when seeking drug treatment in Charleston might include stigma and discrimination associated with addiction, limited access to resources and specific services, resistance to seeking help, and relapse and setbacks during the recovery process.

Stigma and discrimination associated with addiction: Despite the efforts of healthcare professionals and advocacy organizations, there is still a significant amount of stigma and discrimination associated with addiction. This can make it difficult for individuals to seek help and receive the support they need to overcome substance abuse.

Limited access to resources and services: Charleston, like many other cities, faces challenges in providing adequate resources and services to support individuals in their recovery journey. Limited funding and staffing can make it difficult for individuals to access the help they need, particularly those from low-income or minority communities.

Resistance to seeking help: Many individuals struggling with addiction may resist seeking help, either due to shame, denial, or a lack of understanding about the nature of addiction. Encouragement and support from family and friends can be crucial in overcoming this resistance and encouraging individuals to seek the help they need.

Relapse and setbacks during the recovery process: Relapse and setbacks are a common part of the recovery process, but they can be discouraging and disheartening. It is important for individuals to understand that setbacks are a normal part of the process and that they should not give up on their recovery journey. Support and guidance from healthcare professionals, family, and friends can help individuals overcome setbacks and continue their progress towards a healthier, substance-free life.

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Our Charleston Addiction Treatment Center is Always Open for You

We have a physical on call and staff available around the clock for our current and future patients. We are located down the street from MUSC hospital. And we have sober living houses available for individuals seeking local addiction treatment. Call us when you need us! (843) 281-7964

Lantana Recovery offers a range of options for individuals seeking treatment for substance abuse. With the expertise of healthcare professionals, access to support groups and aftercare programs, and the beauty and peace of the city, Charleston provides a supportive and conducive environment for recovery. However, challenges such as stigma, limited resources, and resistance to seeking help can still make the process difficult. It is important for individuals to seek the support they need, whether from friends, family, or healthcare professionals, to overcome these challenges and achieve long-term recovery. Substance abuse affects not only the individual struggling with addiction, but also their loved ones and the community at large. Seeking treatment is a crucial step towards a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling life.


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Lantana Recovery Can Help You Get Sober

Lantana Recovery of Charleston Business Information

Address: 65 Gadsden St, Charleston, SC 29401

Service Areas:

All South Carolina and local Charleston towns such as Ansonborough, Wraggborough, Cainhboy, Wild Dunes, Avondale, Wespanee, Wagener Terrace, Ashleyville, Harleston Village, East Central, Hampton Park, Ashley Harbor, Daniel Island, French Quarter, South of Broad, Radcliffeborough, Mazyck-Wraggborough, Cannonborough Ellioborough, and more South Carolina towns!

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FAQs for Lantana Recovery Rehab

How long does your partial hospitalization program (PHP) services last?

Partial hospitalization program (PHP) lasts between 28 to 40 days at Lantana Recovery.

How many days does intensive outpatient program (IOP) last at Lantana Recovery?

The intensive outpatient program lasts between 28 to 40 days at our Lantana Recovery rehab center.

How long does regular outpatient rehab last at Lantana Recovery?

Outpatient rehab services can last up to 10 weeks.

How many days does ambulatory detox last?

Detox lasts between 5 to 10 days.

Does Lantana Recovery offer addiction treatment services similar to inpatient rehab?

Yes, Lantana Recovery offers addiction treatment services similar to inpatient rehab services. Lantana Recovery offers addiction treatment to those suffering from substance use disorder and offers a place to stay with around the clock supervision and access to trained recovery professionals.

Is there a place I can stay while attending treatment at Lantana Recovery?

Yes, there is a living component available with 24/7 staff available while attending treatment at Lantana Recovery. There are separate living quarters for the men and women.

How much does it cost to attend Lantana Recovery Outpatient Rehab?

Lantana Recovery accepts all major insurances and typical out of pocket costs range from $25 to $75 per day.

What health insurance does Lantana Recovery accept?

The following health insurances are accepted by Lantana Recovery:

  • Anthem
  • United Healthcare
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • All Savers Insurance
  • Aetna
  • Health Options
  • Bright Health Care
  • First Health Network
  • Golden Rule – A  UnitedHealthCare company
  • Humana
  • Magellan Heathcare
  • Medcost
  • Molina healthcare
  • Optum –  veterans community care network
  • Optum Health Care
  • Tricare

What forms of payment does Lantana Recovery accept?

All forms of payment are accepted like cash, credit card, PayPal, and check. The only form of payment not accepted is crypto currency.

Does Lantana Recovery offer financing for treatment?

Yes, Lantana Recovery offers financing options for treatment.

Do I need to pack a suitcase?

Yes, you need to pack if you are planning to stay with Lantana Recovery’s living accommodations. If you are commuting daily for treatment, then you will not need to pack a suitcase.

Do you treat men and women at Lantana Recovery?

Yes, Lantana Recovery treats men and women.

Can my family visit?

Yes, family can visit with scheduled appointments.

Does Lantana Recovery offer services for the family members of those attending treatment?

Yes, Lantana Recovery offers services for family members such as structured family programming facilitated by a trained clinician and a family support group every Tuesday at 7:00pm.

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Charleston South Carolina

Charleston South Carolina

Located on the historic peninsula of Charleston, South Carolina, Lantana Recovery takes a modern approach to Substance Use Disorder treatment, offering intensive clinical care while also immersing our clients in local Charleston culture.