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Psychiatry and Medication Management

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At Lantana, we understand that many clients experience mental health challenges along with addiction.  Sometimes psychiatric medication management, in conjunction with group and individual therapy, are a necessary part of a client’s treatment plan.  Our on-staff Psychiatrist, experienced in addressing co-occurring addiction and mental health disorders, will evaluate every client and manage their medication regimen appropriately.

Generally, we believe that psychiatric medications can play a vital role in the addiction recovery process, but we also believe that many clients will be able to decrease their reliance on medication as they develop healthy coping skills and advance in the recovery process.

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Warren Phillips

Warren is a Licensed Master Social Worker, who specializes in substance abuse and mental health treatment. Clinically, Warren has developed a therapeutic skillset that utilizes a strengths-based perspective, Twelve Step philosophies, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Motivational Interviewing.

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