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How Do You Answer the Question of Why You Do Not Drink?

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Many of us in recovery have a difficult time transitioning from the treatment center back into our everyday lives. This is often because we came to feel safe around people in treatment who knew we were in recovery and thus came to fear what interactions with people who don’t will be like. Now, this is especially true when it comes to situations when we are asked why we do not drink.

Life on Life’s Terms: Navigating Recovery

Many of us are also surprised to discover that simply getting sober did not make all of our problems go away. This is why it is often heard in recovery that “alcohol and substances were but a symptom of our actual problems.” Alcohol and drugs were often used as a bandage to cover up the real issues that we were facing.

The good news is that now that we are sober, we can face our problems and any new ones that may arise with poise and confidence. These include both problems that are external and internal. For example, before we answer other people’s questions about why we do not drink, we must ask and answer the question for ourselves.

Answering the Question of Why You Do Not Drink for Yourself

Being rigorously honest with ourselves about our recovery journey goals is important. If our goal is to remain sober and achieve long-term recovery, we must ask ourselves why. Is it for our own sake, or is it for the sake of others? Also, is it because we want to live a life that we couldn’t when we were in active addiction, or is it because we have been told that if we don’t stop, it may be fatal?

Knowing why we chose to get sober and choose to stay sober is essential if we want to remain positive in recovery. It can help us set recovery goals and remind us of why we wanted to change our lives for the better in the first place. Also, it gives us a strong foundation for when others ask why we do not drink.

Deciding How You Answer the Question of Why You Do Not Drink

It is important to remember that we have many options when it comes to the question of why we do not drink or use substances. We can be wholly forthcoming and say it is because we have an addiction and we had to stop for our wellbeing.

Another option is to say that we just aren’t interested in drinking right now (which is true if we utilize the “One day at a time” maxim). We can also be humorous in our answers. For example, some people like to say, “I don’t drink because I’m allergic. The last time I drank, I broke out in handcuffs.” It is a nice way to say no thank you while showing that we have a sense of humor about recovery.

Answering the Question of Why You Do Not Drink Based on the Situation

Perhaps the most important key to answering the question of why we do not drink is to be honest. Now, does this mean that we have to say we do not drink, followed by every detail of how rough life got in active addiction? Of course not. It just means that we can be honest while also being tactful.

For example, as previously mentioned, we can say we’re not drinking right now, which is true. We can say, “We’re allergic,” which is also true based on the disease model. There is also the option of simply saying, “It’s just not my thing.” Again, also true.

However, some of us like to be right up front and say, “We are in recovery.” If comfortable, this is a great option because it leaves out any ambiguity of why we do not drink and further helps us avoid a potential relapse. This level of comfort and confidence also lets other people know that recovery works. We never know who else is out there that might be thinking about getting help themselves. Our open and honest answer could inspire them to look into getting help more.

Staying Sober, Staying Successful With Lantana Recovery

Here at Lantana Recovery, we know how challenging it can be to navigate life in recovery. After all, many of us are still navigating life in recovery ourselves. We know that as long as we are honest with ourselves about our reasons for recovery, we’ll have no problem being honest with others.

Recovery is a journey. It is all about the road, never the finish line. Together, we’ll navigate that road and discover that life on the road of recovery is the best way to live. It is a life that is happy, joyous, and free, and it is a life that is not worth missing.

Just because we are sober does not mean that everyone else is going to be aware of it. We need to know how to navigate the social dynamics when people ask why we do not drink. There are benefits to being upfront about being in recovery, but there are also times when it may make more sense to utilize more “nuanced” answers, such as “I’m allergic,” “I don’t like the taste,” and “I’m on a break.” If you feel like you or a loved one is struggling with issues of addiction, we can help. For more information on how to answer the question of why we don’t drink, please reach out to Lantana Recovery today at (866) 997-2870.

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