Fort Jackson Passage Palmetto Trailhead: Gateway to Nature in Columbia, SC

Nestled in the heart of Columbia, SC, the Fort Jackson Passage Palmetto Trailhead beckons outdoor enthusiasts with its natural splendor. Serving as a gateway to the Palmetto Trail, this trailhead provides locals and visitors easy access to the scenic beauty of South Carolina’s wilderness. Learn more here.

Hiking Haven


The Palmetto Trail, a statewide trail system, starts its journey here, inviting hikers to explore the region’s diverse landscapes. The Fort Jackson Passage offers a range of hiking experiences, from strolls to challenging hikes, catering to individuals and families of all skill levels. Learn more about EdVenture: Where Learning Comes to Life in Columbia, SC.

Birdwatcher’s Paradise


Beyond hiking, the area is a paradise for birdwatchers and nature lovers. The trail winds through lush forests and open fields, providing ample opportunities to spot various bird species. Visitors can marvel at the vibrant plumage of residents and migratory birds with binoculars.

Community Connection


More than just a trailhead, Fort Jackson Passage Palmetto Trailhead fosters a sense of community. It hosts events, workshops, and guided hikes, encouraging people to come together and appreciate the natural beauty of Columbia. The trailhead is a testament to the city’s commitment to preserving its natural heritage and providing its residents with a peaceful retreat into the wilderness.

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