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Why Charleston Is the Perfect Place to Begin Your Recovery Journey

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Why Charleston Is the Perfect Place to Begin Your Recovery Journey

Are you in search of a place to begin your recovery journey? Recovery from substance use disorder (SUD) and mental health disorders is a path to a better and healthier you. However, it is not always clear where to start once you have made the decision to get help and make a change. 

In pursuit of recovery, it is likely that you will seek some form of treatment. Where you receive treatment is of high importance. Finding the perfect place to begin your recovery journey can make all the difference in the support and resources you receive. This will be the foundation of your recovery journey. 

Is It Time to Begin Your Recovery Journey?

Treatment is one step among many that are necessary to beat addiction and take your life back. However, some people are not always aware of the fact that treatment of some sort is an unavoidable step for successful recovery. 

There are some cases in which individuals can see dependency starting to develop and choose to stop using their drug of choice. However, for many others, that is not the case. Going what is called “cold turkey “is not advised, as every addiction requires its own plan for recovery. No plan for treatment will not look the same. However, the need for treatment is almost always the first acknowledgment after admittance of having an addiction. 

Location Matters: Why Charleston?

Sometimes, in order for a change to take place, a change in one’s environment must be made to give it a solid nudge. Also, some individuals are introduced to alcoholism and addictive substances in their day-to-day environment. Or there are even situations where a person’s environment can be so triggering that it causes them to crave an escape from that environment. 

There are many treatment facilities, rehabs, and other recovery resources. However, not every establishment is equal. For this reason, it is of great importance to do your research. Know where you are going before just singing papers and hoping that you have landed in a good spot. When you know where you are going for treatment, you can ensure that you have put the foundation of your journey in good hands. This way, you can have the best chance of receiving treatment, where your addiction can be managed successfully

In the city of Charleston, Lantana Recovery, specifically, is the perfect place to start your recovery journey. Charleston is beautifully designed with visual and sensual accents such as landmarks, gorgeous weather, and a lovely waterfront. 

While Charleston is not only known for its pleasant weather, it is also rich in history. The city caught our eye as we noticed it offered an abundance of resources for people in early recovery. However, it did not have many options for supportive housing. With their great potential for individuals in recovery to thrive, we coupled that with our touch of support to bridge the supportive housing gap. In light of Lantana Recovery’s addition to the city, those in recovery can receive great care but also have a home in Charleston that supports their new life and change. 

Begin Your Recovery Journey in Lantana Recovery’s Care

With the help of Lantana Recovery, you can get the help you need to stay sober and regain independence. Our layers of care are unique and welcome you at the door and follow you out even as you leave. We provide individualized treatment for every client and recovery need. 

Lantana offers different types of treatments and programs, such as our empowerment program. This program comes with a team of professionals specific to your treatment needs. The team consists of a primary therapist, a psychiatrist, a case manager, and recovery coaches. We implement a team for each client so that we can help you to the best of our ability. 

Start Your Path to Sobriety Today

Are you struggling with addiction? Sometimes individuals have developed SUD but are not fully aware. If you are aware that you have a problem, you are right where you need to be in the process of getting help. 

Have you come to terms with the fact that you need treatment, but you are not sure where to start? If so, that is okay. It is common for one starting their recovery journey to feel lost initially. That is why resources like this exist to help educate you on your options. 

Here at Lantana Recovery, located in beautiful downtown Charleston, South Carolina, we pride ourselves on being a place of hope and opportunity for you to embark on your journey in recovery. This is a place where a desire for change can blossom in the lives of those struggling with addiction. You can explore the beauty of the city, recovery, and yourself at Lantana Recovery.

Seeking recovery from addiction and mental health disorders is necessary to live a full life and the best one that you can. There are various treatment options and locations that offer treatment. However, where you start your recovery journey matters, as some cities, states, and even neighborhoods can be triggering for those struggling with addiction. A change of scenery and a breath of fresh air can make a world of difference for someone who is constantly surrounded by what continues to cause them detriment. We believe that Lantana Recovery, here in Charleston, South Carolina is the perfect place to begin your recovery journey. Call us at (866) 997-2870 to get started.

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