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Lantana Recovery offers a modern approach to Addiction treatment in Charleston, S.C., featuring evidence-based strategies to support our clients medically, clinically, and socially as they move through our continuum of outpatient programming. Clients can expect to complete a brief prescreen to confirm Lantana the appropriate level of care, then be scheduled with one of our clinical team members for an in-person assessment at our Mt. Pleasant location.

If a client has acute detox or stabilization needs, our clinicians may recommend inpatient treatment before enrolling in Lantana Recovery for Intensive Outpatient treatment (IOP). A Lantana admissions team member will act as liaison to coordinate admission to inpatient and discharge back to Lantana to minimize confusion and cost for clients’ families.

After enrolling at Lantana Recovery, clients will be supported in all methods of recovery, but we encourage clients select a program with proven efficacy like 12 steps, Refuge Recovery or SMART Recovery. Lantana Recovery is licensed to treat Substance Use Disorder as a primary diagnosis, as well as secondary mental health diagnoses that may be present upon assessment by one our clinicians.


Warren Phillips

Warren is a Licensed Master Social Worker, who specializes in substance abuse and mental health treatment. Clinically, Warren has developed a therapeutic skillset that utilizes a strengths-based perspective, Twelve Step philosophies, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Motivational Interviewing.

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Charleston South Carolina

Charleston South Carolina

Located on the historic peninsula of Charleston, South Carolina, Lantana Recovery takes a modern approach to Substance Use Disorder treatment, offering intensive clinical care while also immersing our clients in local Charleston culture.