Zach Sharpe

Admissions & Intake Coordinator

Zach, a Charleston native, brings a unique blend of experience and passion to his role as an Admissions Counselor at Lantana Recovery. His journey has been one of transformation, taking him from the bustling hospitality industry to the heart of the construction staffing world before finding his true calling in the field of recovery. 
Zach’s career path led him from an operations position at a prominent local catering company to a career in construction staffing, connecting people with job opportunities across the Southeast. However, it was his own journey of sobriety that eventually led him to Lantana Recovery, where he found support, hope, and a path forward. 
As a former client of Lantana’s program, Zach experienced firsthand the transformative power of recovery. His active involvement in Lantana’s alumni program showcased his dedication to the cause, ultimately guiding him towards a fulfilling career in recovery support.
Beyond his professional life, Zach finds joy in staying active with his beloved rescue dog, Mollie. He also embraces his passion for thrifting and weekend yard sale adventures, always on the hunt for new hidden treasures.
Zach’s commitment to supporting individuals on their recovery journeys makes him an invaluable member of the Lantana Recovery team, where he continues to make a positive impact on countless lives.
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Charleston South Carolina

Charleston South Carolina

Located on the historic peninsula of Charleston, South Carolina, Lantana Recovery takes a modern approach to Substance Use Disorder treatment, offering intensive clinical care while also immersing our clients in local Charleston culture.