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Intensive Outpatient Program in Charleston

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Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) are drug rehab and addiction treatment programs that don’t require residential living and round-the-clock 24/7 supervision. Participants will receive specialized care by visiting a rehabilitation center several times a week for group and individual therapy sessions, as well as substance screenings, medication management, and more treatments.

These programs are perfect for people who live in a safe environment and want to continue their commitments to family, work, and their personal life while overcoming their substance abuse issues at the same time.

Why Choose Intensive Outpatient Program Over Other Treatment Options?

Our Charleston Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) allows patients to continue living their regular lives while receiving drug rehabilitation treatment – this makes it easier for them to transition back into their normal life once their treatment is complete. On the other hand, inpatient programs require separating patients from their everyday lives and putting them in a safe drug-free bubble. While that is helpful for some people, it doesn’t prepare them well for the struggles, stress, and temptations of the real world. These programs provide flexible regular treatment and you can see the effects on your work and family life in real-time.

IOP Charleston Services

Individual Therapy Sessions (Weekly)

We hold 1-on-1 weekly individual therapy sessions where patients can talk to a licensed therapist about their history of substance abuse. They will look at the root cause of addiction, the effect it’s had on their life, and ways to overcome the mental health issues and burden.

Group Therapy

Lantana Recovery holds 3 support group therapy every week for patients, helping them to open up about their experiences in support groups. It’s helpful to feel the support and understanding of other people who are struggling with similar problems to yourself.

Substance Screening Program

Our substance screening program is designed to regularly and randomly test your body to ensure that you’re sticking to your treatment program without relapsing. Being subject to regular substance screenings tend to help patients remain accountable and stay on track with their recovery.

Medication Management

Evidence based medication management is designed to closely monitor your intake of medications and ascertain whether their dosages need adjusting as your state changes. It’s essential to undertake proper medication management to reduce your overall dependence on drugs, whether legal or controlled.

Personalized Care Plans And Long Term Support

Here at Lantana Recovery, we believe that every patient has unique needs. There is no conventional approach to drug rehabilitation – everyone beats addiction in their way, at their own pace. That’s why we provide personalized health care plans to ensure that you have your unique pathway for overcoming addiction.

We also specialize in long-term support – we’re always here if you need help again in the future. It can be difficult for former addicts to deal with the stress and temptations of the post-treatment world, so we equip patients with the coping strategies they need to stay on track long-term.

Take Back Control Today!

Working a full time job or studying full time should not stop you from seeking necessary treatment. Don’t let addiction ruin your life – take back your independence and start enjoying life again. Get in touch with one of our skilled team members today and find out more about our intensive outpatient programs that will help you get back on track!

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