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How Lantana Recovery’s Empowerment Program Gives You a New Start

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How Lantana Recovery's Empowerment Program Gives You a New Start

Are you struggling with an addiction? Have you been considering treatment options? Maybe you are unsure where to start or how to get the help you need. If so, you have landed in the right place. Lantana Recovery’s Empowerment Program can be the answer that you are looking for. 

Addiction can be developed and take over one’s life before you even realize its presence. Sometimes symptoms can seem normal. It may just appear as if you are living freely like everyone else. Recognizing addiction as a chronic disease allows you to see the true need for treatment. When the use of alcohol or a substance begins to overtake your life, you have likely become dependent. To heal, you will need help to get sober and recover from the damage imposed on you by the addiction. 

What Is Lantana Recovery?

Lantana Recovery is an addiction treatment and recovery facility for individuals who struggle with addiction and severe trauma leading to mental health issues and disorders. Our mission is to serve and provide comprehensive therapeutic treatment options and services for those struggling with substance use disorder (SUD) and mental health disorders. 

Lantana Recovery is a safe haven for those afflicted by the many woes of addiction to seek refuge. We are located in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina. Here we have created a safe space for you to get the treatment and education you need to hit the reset button on your life. We believe that traditional methods of treatment are worn out. With Lantana Recover’y’s Empowerment Program, we have applied some reshaping to those methods. 

What Is Lantana Recovery’s Empowerment Program?

Lantana Recovery’s Empowerment Program is a treatment plan based on a phased integrative care model. Men and women who are struggling can heal and learn how to get reacclimated to society after treatment. This multi-layered program is offered as inpatient treatment where you would live in the recovery residences. 

Living in the facilities can provide a safe space. It also provides a sense of community and direct access to the resources you need. In many traditional treatment programs, there is the inpatient portion in which you reside and are housed along with others struggling with addiction or their mental health. Then there is the outpatient portion. This is when those living in sober houses, along with individuals still working or living at home, come to share, learn, and recover. With our Empowerment Program, we have found a way to make the best of both worlds. 

Often the reason that some choose to put off recovery is because of the requirement of time. Many feel as if time is what they do not have. Some things in life require a pause in order to heal. Essentially, addiction and recovery are one of those things.  

As we understand this reality, we have set up the Empowerment Program with just that in mind. Individuals can reside within the recovery residences and get the treatment portion where the work is done to develop the necessary skills and address those clinical needs all within the same setting in the community. That way, there is access now, in treatment, to receive the same clinical care that you will still need to rely on after finishing treatment. 

What Makes Lantana Recovery’s Empowerment Program One of the Facility’s Core Features?

Lantana Recovery’s Empowerment Program is a core feature of our facility because it is the full-circle treatment option that we offer. This program takes you as you are. It gives you all that you need to come out on the other side better than you even expect going in. Then it still offers access to all you discovered and grew from while residing in the residences for treatment once you have left. 

Addiction is not black and white. As we understand this fully, we do not believe in the one-stop-show method. There are levels or phases of the Empowerment Program. These layers offer structure and holistic support. We encourage community integration and preparing for a different you in a world that remains the same. This spectacular program can be life-changing and has been for many.   

Try Lantana Recovery’s Empowerment Program: How to Get Started On Your Recovery Journey Today

If you are in search of resources for treatment and recovery, you can find refuge today. We can help you answer the questions that have been crossing your mind. Some may think that taking the first step is the hardest part of it all. However, that is likely not the case. Recovery lasts a lifetime. 

The sooner you start your journey, the better. You give yourself the best chance to make the most of the rest of your life. Living sober is one of the best gifts you will ever give yourself. Help us help you access the tools for the sustenance required to live an addiction-free life. 

If you are struggling with addiction or mental health issues, reach out. Grab our extended hand so that we may help you find your footing in your new sober life. Lantana Recovery’s Empowerment Program is here just for you. 

Is your alcohol and substance use causing you to question whether or not you have a dependency on it? Are you struggling with mental health issues but not so sure how to move forward in seeking treatment? If so, we can help you here at Lantana Recovery. We offer many plans for treatment, and our Empowerment Program can be the perfect fit for your treatment needs. This specific treatment program is multi-layered to treat your addiction or mental health issues, but overall to heal you. There is no need to look any further as we can help you answer the questions you may have and become a better you. For more information on getting started, call us at (866) 997-2870

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