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Heroin Addiction Treatment

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Around 4.98 million Americans have used heroin at least once in their lifetime, and many of those people went on to develop a very strong addiction. Heroin is an intensely addictive substance that can quickly ruin someone’s life if they don’t seek help quickly.
The main drawback of heroin is the euphoric feeling of pleasure that washes over users. However, the body quickly develops a tolerance to the drug, needing more and more heroin to reach the same high.

Signs & Symptoms

Heroin abuse is one of the easier substance use problems to stop because its effects tend to be very extreme and taxing on the user. Some of the physical, social and mental health effects of heroin abuse are: 

People using heroin regularly may also contract illnesses due to sharing needles, such as HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C, Tuberculosis, Pneumonia, kidney damage, and liver damage.

Side Effects Of Heroin

A heroin high usually lasts for several hours, though it can vary depending on the person and the amount of heroin used. As heroin wears off, users often experience a phase called “nodding” where they slip in and out of consciousness frequently.

Side effects of heroin use disorder can include:

Heroin Addicts’ Behavior

Heroin addicts usually display unusual behavior which is easy to spot if you’re familiar with the person. For example, they may appear “itchy” and restless, showing signs of confusion or finding it difficult to concentrate during conversations. They might also appear depressed, hopeless, or make poor decisions.

A person with heroin addiction will often be absent from work and social events with no apparent explanation. They may have financial problems that cannot be explained. They might lie about their whereabouts, lose interest in things they once enjoyed, and wear long-sleeve shirts to hide marks from intravenous heroin injecting.

Treatment For Heroin Addiction

If you know someone struggling with a heroin addiction, you must get them the help that they need as quickly as possible. Out of all illegal substances, heroin is the most likely to kill someone from an overdose and have an otherwise devastating effect on their physical and mental health.

The first step is talking to them about this issue. Then exploring treatment options and programs should be your next move to properly provide heroin addiction treatment to your loved one.

We are here to provide treatment for heroin addiction. Our highly-trained staff uses advanced evidence-based techniques for heroin addiction treatment, support, and recovery, helping your loved one to find their way to sobriety in a calm and supportive environment without judgement.

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