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Flexeril-Recreational Drug Or A Narcotic With Severe Side Effects?

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Key takeaways:

  • We have many drugs available to treat various conditions, including muscle pain.
  • One of the drugs used to treat muscle pain is Flexeril (Cyclobenzaprine), which works as a muscle relaxant in the central nervous system to reduce hyperactivity and pain sensations.
  • Flexeril is not a narcotic, but abusing it can lead to addiction and dangerous effects, especially when combined with other substances like alcohol or cocaine.
  • Some people misuse Flexeril for recreational purposes, seeking the euphoric high it can provide.
  • The drug takes around 45 minutes to start showing its muscle relaxant effects.
  • Snorting Flexeril or using it in excess can cause severe side effects, including anxiety, depression, and heart problems.
  • Flexeril addiction can be treated with specialized medical assistance and drug rehab programs.

We live in a world where we almost have a cure for everything. There are a number of drugs for treating one condition. Few of them are strong and few of them can give temporary relief. One of the most common pains in this world is muscle pain and there are ten different drugs that can treat one condition. One of these drugs is Frexeril also called Cyclobenzaprine. Cyclobenzaprine is a tricyclic amine salt that works in the central nervous system (CNS) as a depressant that reduces muscle hyperactivity and pain sensations going to your brain. This relaxant is mostly used with physical therapy to give pain relief from injury, and spasms. It is an inexpensive drug.

Is Flexeril a Narcotic?

No, it is not. It is most commonly used as a muscle relaxer and for low blood pressure but abusing Flexeril may cause Flexeril addiction. It can be intense and have many adverse effects if it is mixed with any other drug like cocaine, alcohol, etc. It can be snorted and crushed and mixed with alcohol easily to feel a thrill. It is not as widely abused as many other drugs but the potential for abuse is there since it is available at a very low cost.

Among other sorts of substance abuse, abusing Flexeril is also getting common, unfortunately. These effects include nausea, dry mouth, dizziness, laziness, headaches, confusion, etc. It can have a more intense effect since both substances together double the effect. These effects include memory loss, abnormal behavior, difficulty in bleeding, and risk of overdose. More so, both drugs have the potential of turning into poison when mixed together. Considering this and many other risk factors, drug addiction treatment centers like Lantana are now offering addiction treatment programs for Flexeril abuse.

Flexeril as Recreational Drug

Flexeril is a prescription drug that is used to treat skeletal pain, muscle rigidity, back pain, muscle stiffness, and high blood pressure caused by minor medical conditions. But many people take it for recreational use. As a recreational drug, it is not recommended for relaxing pain caused by major injuries. More so, many experts are of the view that the substance is not able to provide any psychoactive effect. Since it is not considered a common drug addiction, many people still try it because of the euphoric Flexeril high it can provide to the brain when an individual is in pain.

But do people abuse Flexeril? Yes, they do! It can be taken orally by swallowing a tablet (which comes in 5 mg or 10 mg) or can be dissolved in water. If you use cyclobenzaprine (Another name for Flexeril), it does have side effects and an addictive sensation. That’s why many people keep on using it after the pain is gone. But in the case of Flexeril overdose and the combination with alcohol, intense outcomes are probable.

Flexeril-Recreational Drug Or A Narcotic With Severe Side Effects?

How Long Does It Take For Flexeril To Work

Cyclobenzaprine (Flexeril) is frequently prescribed to help you and this is faster than many other prescribed muscle relaxants in the market. The relaxing effects will start to kick in the first 45 minutes of swallowing the tablet. Many have reported dependency on the drug because of its fast muscle relaxant properties.

However, people who are younger and have a good metabolism system are less likely to suffer from the effects since it leaves their body. It can be a problem for those who are older and or people with above-average body weight. It will be harder for them to eliminate the drug from the body.

Side Effects Of Snorting Flexeril

Flexeril, a cheap drug in the market sold as a relaxant can provide euphoric sensations. Therefore, it has a high probability of being abused with other extreme drugs like alcohol and cocaine. NIDA has revealed that people between 18 to 25 abuse Flexeril the most. It causes drug dependence which is the reason why many people use cyclobenzaprine with other drugs to intensify the effect of alcohol, cocaine, etc.

How do you know that Flexeril has become a toxin? When it starts affecting different functions of the body and does not eliminate completely from the body. Some of the most common side effects are slurred speech, difficulty breathing, red eyes, high body temperature, dehydration, etc. One of the typical parts of the cycle of drug addiction is withdrawal symptoms and Flexeril is no different. When a person leaves Flexeril, it is natural to experience withdrawal symptoms but they can be treated with medicated assistance around the clock. Whether you’re taking Flexeril for recreational use or you’re abusing Flexeril, you’ll have to sign up for drug rehab with experts like us to get rid of this addiction. Following are the indicators of when the individual needs this special assistance around the clock.

Flexeril Causes Anxiety

Severe central nervous system problems can be caused by Flexeril followed by other mental issues like confusion, abnormal behavior, etc. One of the most common situations the regular users have to go through is anxiety which later changes into dizziness and patients receiving cyclobenzaprine also experienced more adverse effects, the most common being drowsiness. Why does it affect the human brain like that? It has antihistamines that can play with your emotions and cause dizziness and drowsiness at the same time.

Flexeril Causes Depression

Since it has a muscle relaxing effect where “greater than 30% of patients experience drowsiness and sedative/hypnotic effects” (The skeletal muscle relaxer cyclobenzaprine is a potent non-competitive antagonist of histamine H1 receptors, Singh et al., 2022) it is considered as one of the drugs which can cause an individual to depend on them.

  • Histamine H1 receptors are involved in allergic responses and play a role in mediating symptoms like itching, sneezing, and nasal congestion.
  • By acting as an antagonist, cyclobenzaprine blocks the activity of these receptors, potentially leading to anti-allergic effects.
  • This finding may have implications for understanding the broader pharmacological effects of cyclobenzaprine beyond its primary muscle relaxant properties.

It has also been reported that higher doses of Flexeril can cause severe health problems and one of them is depression. This depression is a major one which might need special medical assistance in the future. However, the good news is that many people do not go to an extent where Flexeril causes central nervous depression.

Flexeril Can Affect Your Heart

Flexeril is not a harmful prescription but it does have severe health effects if it is continually used for longer periods. Flexeril overdose can cause serious heart and liver damage. While cardiac arrest and heart attack are less common side effects, they are not impossible to happen. Felxeril overdose may cause chest pain and increased heart rate which is life-threatening.

Flexeril Treatment

Flexeril addiction treatment follows the same pattern as any other medicine. An important thing is that it is used with other drugs and proper physical therapy under the supervision of a doctor. Since abusing prescription medication is sadly getting common now, there are many treatment options now. A good addiction treatment center like Lantana Recovery will take Flexeril’s addiction as seriously as any other drug addiction.

When you undergo addiction treatment and withdraw from Flexeril, you might experience constant dry mouth which is one of the most common withdrawal symptoms of Flexeril. Sometimes, the withdrawal effects may look overwhelming and one might relapse but seeking addiction treatment, no matter how insignificant you think your drug addiction is, is important since it can get you in serious trouble in the long run. Many addiction recovery centers like ours offer prescription drug abuse treatment programs so if you are involved in Flexeril abuse or you know someone who is, it’s about time to get help.

Flexeril Tablet

If it is prescribed to you, take the tablet. Do not crush and snort it in otherwise the tablet is going to have adverse effects. When you take the tablet, make sure to eat before it. An empty stomach is never good for almost any medical treatment. In case your pain is unbearable, do not increase the dosage on your own. Do not take the dosage longer than the prescribed time.

Another important thing that you need to keep in mind even if the doctor does not inform you is that it is a short-term medication and cannot be taken for more than 3 weeks since it has addictive properties which can have massive side effects. Flexeril is a useful drug. However, too much of it can cause real problems for your health. Make sure to consult a doctor before taking Flexeril. It can give you relief but when used in excess, it can cause trouble.


How much does the Flexeril cost?

It is a cheap medication that can be purchased from any drugstore. However, it has to be prescribed by a physician.

How long should it be taken?

It should be taken for three weeks maximum since it is a short-term drug.

Can it be used as a relaxant for other health treatments?

No, so far it is only recommended as a muscle relaxant and for muscle spasms.

What can an overdose of Flexeril do?

Since the medication has the ability to get an individual high, it can get you addicted.

How does Flexeril high makes you feel?

Flexeril high acts as a muscle relaxer and makes you feel light.


Warren Phillips

Warren is a Licensed Master Social Worker, who specializes in substance abuse and mental health treatment. Clinically, Warren has developed a therapeutic skillset that utilizes a strengths-based perspective, Twelve Step philosophies, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Motivational Interviewing.

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