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Key takeaways:

  • Lantana Recovery was established in 2018 as a structured sober living facility in Charleston, South Carolina, to provide supportive housing and addiction recovery services.
  • In 2020, Lantana expanded to include clinical programming and outreach programs to improve client experiences.
  • Lantana’s purpose is to offer comprehensive therapeutic and medical outpatient services for addiction and mental health challenges.
  • Recovery is based on four dimensions: Health (addressing physical health through healthy habits), Home (providing a stable and safe living environment), Purpose (finding meaningful activities), and Community (building healthy relationships and social connections).
  • The Empowerment Program at Lantana is a phased, integrative care model that supports clients from detox to independent living.
  • The program includes recovery residences, evidence-based therapies, group services, and a personalized treatment team.
  • Lantana’s holistic approach empowers clients to develop skills and connections for a successful life in sobriety.

Lantana Recovery was founded in Charleston, South Carolina, in 2018 as a structured sober living facility. We saw a need in the Charleston area for supportive housing in addiction recovery. Our founders believed they could provide these options in addition to peer support, evidence-based therapy services, and group resources. We’re committed to integrating practical, educational, and employment opportunities for our clients.

In 2020, Lantana made the move to include clinical programming in our Lantana housing services. We extended the offer to clients living independently in the Charleston community. Our commitment to growth and progress has served us well as we improve our clients’ experiences in our program. We have added medical and clinical staff, outreach programs, and specialized admissions procedures to support our clients. Lantana is dedicated to providing excellent peer support and case management to every individual.

Lantana’s Purpose

Our compassionate team of medical and mental health professionals understands that every person is unique, each with their own distinctive experiences, thoughts, and feelings. We strive to work closely with our clients to make sure that their treatment program will best serve them. Lantana knows that supporting our clients through detox, treatment, and reintegration (into the community) will give them the best chances for success.

The primary purpose of Lantana Recovery is to provide the very best comprehensive therapeutic and medical outpatient services to the Charleston community. We offer services catered to helping our clients with a variety of addiction and mental health challenges. Every client is offered a diverse collection of effective treatment modalities. Our holistic and experiential therapies make us uniquely suited to offer our clients the support they need in every aspect of their lives. We believe this empowers individuals with the tools and skills they need to overcome life’s challenges, including addiction recovery.

4 Dimensions of Recovery

Empowerment and co-design are effective tools to develop and implement culturally tailored health promotion programs and when a person makes the choice to step away from substance use and addictive behaviors to change their life for the better, they will need support. Further, they will need support from medical and mental health professionals, as well as a circle of supportive friends and loved ones. A comprehensive lifestyle change is necessary to increase the chances of success in sobriety. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), there are four major dimensions of recovery:


Addiction first and foremost affects a person’s physical health. Finding a routine that supports physical health is essential to recovery. Healthy eating, exercise, and sleep patterns must be addressed to ensure lasting recovery success.


Having a safe place to live that will support sober living and foster a sense of stability is crucial to recovery. Individuals who take on recovery from unstable living environments can utilize sober living homes and residential rehabs.


Finding meaningful daily activities to provide a guide for a new life is another important component of recovery. A sense of purpose can come from a career, volunteer opportunities, family roles, or creative endeavors.


Contributing as a citizen of a community can be essential to success in sobriety. Having connections to your community through healthy relationships and social networks can provide support, friendship, love, and hope for a person working towards a sober lifestyle.

At Lantana Recovery, our community-based program integrates a wide range of holistic support for each of our clients. We aim to give our clients the best chance for success when they leave our care and move towards independent living.

The Empowerment Program at Lantana

At Lantana Recovery, empowerment is the goal that is weaved through every service and resource that we offer. Our Empowerment Program is a phased, integrative care model of treatment for those in need in our community. We provide support through every step of treatment from detox to complete independence.

Every client that participates in the Empowerment Program starts by residing in one of our recovery residences. This ensures that they receive any medical and clinical services they may require. They will also have the support of evidence-based therapies and group services to help them start the transition out of an addiction lifestyle.

In our Empowerment Program, clients are supported and empowered to implement the skills they are learning in their daily routines and interactions with others. Our specialized program is multi-layered and encourages our clients to move safely and successfully through the program phases. The unique, holistic approach we take toward our client’s health helps them achieve autonomy as they continue to progress.

While in the Empowerment Program, each client has an individualized treatment team consisting of a primary therapist, psychiatrist, case manager, and recovery coach. This unique team serves to address clinical needs, provide coping skills, and help our clients develop contacts in the Charleston community that they can rely on long after treatment is completed. We also help every client realize all the wonderful recreational and experiential activities that the Lowcountry has to offer. This combination of services ensures a truly full and successful life overflowing with possibilities.

Bottom Line

“Substance use dependence is increasingly recognized as a chronic relapsing condition that may last for decades and requires multiple episodes of care over many years before reaching a sustained state of abstinence” (Addiction Recovery: A Systemized Review, Inanlou et al., 2020) and recovery can be a confusing and challenging time in a person’s life. Finding the right treatment team can be crucial to achieving your goals. At Lantana Recovery, we believe that our Empowerment Program offers our clients a unique set of skills, supports, and opportunities that will give them the best chance of success in sobriety. The Lantana Recovery team specializes in supporting our clients through a variety of modalities and holistic practices. We provide customized treatment plans as unique as the person who needs support. 

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