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Cocaine Addiction Treatment

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Around 1.9 million Americans struggle with some form of cocaine addiction. The “high” of cocaine allows many people to continue their lives as normal while using the drug – this makes it even easier to become addicted over the long-term.
Long-term cocaine use can have devastating effects on your brain, making it difficult to feel happy or “normal” without taking the drug. Our treatments aim to reduce dependence on cocaine and eradicate it from your life entirely.

Spotting a Coke Addict

There are some obvious ways to spot a person with a cocaine addiction, such as rubbing their nose and sniffling a lot when leaving a bathroom, but many people are good at hiding their addictive behavior or manipulating others to try and keep it a secret.

Here are some signs to watch out for:

Signs and Symptoms

Many cocaine users continue to work, socialize, and have relatively normal lives while fuelling their cocaine addiction. As such, the symptoms of cocaine addiction may be harder to spot. Here are some of the main symptoms of cocaine addiction:

Cocaine abuse can negatively affect your brain’s neural network and dopamine receptors, making it difficult to feel “normal” without taking cocaine. This is a slippery slope that can result in extreme dependence over time, possibly even resulting in a fatal cocaine overdose.

How to help someone beat Cocaine Addiction

Those with a cocaine addiction need support from those close to them. This addiction can be massively taxing on their physical and mental health, so it’s best to reserve judgment and avoid blaming them for their problem.
If you know someone who is struggling with a cocaine addiction, the dedicated staff at our Charleston Outpatient Rehab Center can help. Put them in contact with our team and a dedicated staff member will talk them through the ways we can help beat the addiction.

Recovery and Treatment

We use numerous forms of treatment to help patients recover and beat their addictions, from one-to-one therapy to group therapy  and much more. Our specialized and highly-trained staff members understand that no two patients are the same, so we tailor your recovery pathway to meet your individual needs.
Everyone experiences cocaine addiction and withdrawal differently, but our evidence-based treatment methods are proven to significantly assist patients in reducing their dependence on cocaine. Our Outpatient Rehab Center is designed to be a warm, welcoming, and comfortable environment where you can get the help you need without feeling judged or isolated.

Cocaine addiction is unique because it’s common for people from all walks of life, no matter their financial income or living circumstances. If your loved one is suffering from cocaine addiction, get in touch today.

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